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About Us

 JORDEN has been a dedicated massage therapist since 2009, specializing in deep tissue, personal injury, and prenatal care. Her journey into natural healing began when she successfully managed chronic pain and skin conditions that had plagued her since childhood, igniting a passion for holistic wellness.

She firmly believes that true wellness is found in the conscious pursuit of a balanced mind and body, acknowledging that this journey is not always straightforward. With years of experience in alleviating muscle pain, Jorden recognizes the importance of both strengthening weak muscles and releasing tight ones for sustainable relief. This realization led her to pursue certification in personal training, enriching her ability to support her clients comprehensively.

Additionally, Jorden has served as a practicing birth doula for Bluegrass Doulas, drawing on her training and expertise to provide exceptional prenatal massage care. Her holistic approach to wellness considers the interconnectedness of body and habits, pinpointing imbalances and offering practical strategies for reversal. In today's fast-paced lifestyle, she understands how easily overlooked habits can compound into larger, chronic issues, and her mission is to provide clients with a fresh perspective on achieving lasting relief.

jorden duvall massage therapist

SHAWN is a NASM certified personal trainer with a specialized focus on resistance training, mobility, and fascia work. As a certified stretch coach, he is dedicated to helping his clients achieve optimal well-being by enhancing strength and mobility to counteract the daily stresses on the body.

His journey toward prioritizing wellness was ignited when he learned of his wife's pregnancy, sparking a profound sense of responsibility for his family's health and safety. Motivated by this, Shawn committed himself to making healthier choices and now shares his knowledge and passion with others seeking a better quality of life.

With a deep belief that positive change begins at home, Shawn is driven to empower individuals and families to cultivate holistic wellness and harmony in their lives. He is the sole certified Animal Flow instructor in Kentucky, offering engaging workshops both online and in person to enhance mobility in a fun and accessible manner.

Fascinated by human potential, Shawn possesses a profound understanding of the barriers to achieving a fulfilling life and excels in creating inclusive and effective programming for his clients. His ultimate personal aspiration is to maintain the agility to lift and play with his daughters, regardless of their age.

shawn duvall stretch coach personal trainer

AMIE, a tranquil and nurturing Reiki and Sound Bath practitioner, has gracefully woven her maternal wisdom into the fabric of the healing arts since 2021. Building upon her foundation, Amie delved deeper into the realms of energy healing in 2022, enhancing her practice with providing sound bath experiences.

An intuitive artist, Amie not only brings forth the soothing energy of Reiki but also infuses her artwork with the echoes of ancestral guidance. Every brushstroke and melodic note resonates with the collective wisdom of those who came before, creating a sacred space where past and present converge in healing harmony.

Beyond the palpable serenity she imparts, Amie discreetly taps into her intuitive abilities, enriching the healing experience. Her sessions, akin to a tender lullaby, invite clients to release tension, find equilibrium, and rediscover inner peace, guided by the ancestral currents that flow through her.

In the hands of Amie Hyde, Reiki and sound transcend beyond therapeutic techniques, becoming portals into the profound realms of collective wisdom and intuitive connection.

amie hyde reiki practitioner

NAJWAN, a seasoned massage therapist with a nurturing touch and an unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being. With over 11 years of expertise in the art of Ayurvedic massage, Najwan has transitioned her practice to specialize in deep tissue therapy, enriching her repertoire to better serve her clients' diverse needs.

A graduate of Advanced Massage Therapeutics, Najwan embodies a profound understanding of the body's intricate mechanisms, coupled with an innate intuition that guides her hands with precision and care. For Najwan, massage therapy isn't just about relieving physical tension; it's about holding space for her clients, ensuring they feel deeply heard and understood in every session.

Driven by a profound desire to alleviate pain and restore balance, Najwan's approach to massage therapy is rooted in holistic principles. She believes in creating a welcoming and grounded environment where her clients can feel safe to release, rejuvenate, and heal. Prioritizing the warming up of the body before delving into specific techniques, Najwan fosters an environment where the body can fully accept and benefit from her therapeutic interventions.

Her passion lies in myofascial work, recognizing the profound impact that addressing the fascial system can have on overall well-being. With strength and care, Najwan combines her technical expertise with an empathetic touch, guiding her clients on a journey towards greater vitality and freedom from discomfort.

For Najwan, being a massage therapist is more than a profession; it's a calling—a calling to nurture, to heal, and to empower her clients on their path to optimal health and vitality.

najwan dodin massage therapist
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