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Personal Training

Whatever your goal, OTVW has a program for you. We offer a variety of options both in person and online.

After years in bodywork, we know that in order to achieve real body balance you must include mobility and resistance training.

It is just as important to build the weak muscle as it is to relax the tight muscle.
Online Personal Training | Personal Training Louisville Ky
Online Fitness Coaching

At Of The Valley Wellness, we use Trainerize to provide our clients with the best possible online personal training experience without the high cost of weekly sessions. With Trainerize, our trainers can create custom workout plans, track progress, and communicate with clients in real-time through the app. This means that our clients can get the same high-quality training as if they were working with their trainer in person, but with the convenience of being able to do it from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just improve your overall fitness, our team of certified trainers will use Trainerize to help you achieve your goals.

Now offering Training Packages!

Online Personal Training | Personal Training Louisville Ky

Each package includes:

Nutrition, Training, and Accountability Coaching
• Consultation
• Meal plan with macro adjustments sent weekly.
• Custom training app with updated programming.
• Progress Tracking

• Designed to fit your unique schedule.
• 24/6 messaging support directly with your trainer.

animal flow mobility training

Animal Flow

Animal Flow is a ground based movement system that builds strength, mobility, and endurance with the goal of optimizing the movement of the human animal.

Inspired by gymnastics, break dancing, and parkour, Animal Flow promotes the use of quadrupedal movement to reconnect with the ground. 

Designed to be an approachable modality, it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. All are welcome.

Private or group in person and virtual classes available.  Join our newsletter for workshop announcements.

Looking for in person training?

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